Understanding Overcorrection

I understand that as a CIS gendered (meaning I associate with the same sex as my birth sex), straight, white, male, in a 1st world country, I hit the genetic jackpot in terms of how most of the world will welcome me.

But as someone who has done no wrong in oppressing people, or restricting opportunities to minorities, why are they getting additional assistance from the government or businesses?

What is with these quotas that must be met? That just makes it harder for me, and they are getting in based on being a minority, not merit. That’s one less place that I could potentially get.

I believe in a good merit based system. If you do the work, you get the rewards. So why aren’t they trying to get the best people for the role?

While I can talk about advantages of diversity in a different post, this one is based on over correction due to societal disadvantage.


Based off a recent Twitter discussion, (sorry I can’t find it again to give credit), someone gave a perspective I was sorely lacking.

You have a school on the North side, and people from both the North and South go to this school.

  • Students from the North can reach school in about 15 mins
  • Students from the South take 1hr to reach school
  • You get punished if you are late to school
  • You get extra credit if you are early

To someone on the North side, if someone is late, they are either just lazy or had a personal emergency to deal with.

To someone on the South side, they could have been stuck in traffic, have to wake up 45 minutes earlier and have more expenses to travel to school. In addition, they get home at least 45 minutes later, and have less time to socialize, do homework or household chores.


You can see from this scenario, the South side students must work harder and spend more of their time and money just to meet what the North side students are accomplishing with minimal effort.

North side students have the opportunity to push even harder and further and take the lead, purely due to their proximity.

This is a simple look at a complex situation, where minorities have many disadvantages, due to previous government policy or societal pressure.

Policies to enable slots or additional help to minorities isn’t fair at face value. But if you see it is over correcting and compensating for an issue you didn’t have to deal with, to me, this finally made sense, and gained my full support.

In the future, these policies will be removed as a correction takes place. This could mean building a school on the South side in my example. But at present, there is a large disparity that needs correcting in numerous areas of society.

Next time you come into these scenarios, remember they are balancing the game, not skewing it against you.

Time Relation Distortion on the Survival Principle

Humans are great at forgetting the past and not acting in their best interest for the long term future. But we are great at acting in our short term, or immediate best interest.

While the survival principle holds for all decisions we make, it is skewed dependant upon many variables. And one of the largest is based in time.

Our tendency to focus upon the immediate future and present, ensures our physical survival is generally well looked after. But it takes much greater presence of mind to see how our values and beliefs can be upheld, and even enhance our long term emotional survival.

The other interesting thing to note, is that once a particular survival threat is removed, you are free to work on those longer term ones. But any event, can cause a diversion in attention, and we resort back to looking at our present or short term future.

Stress is often a cause, due to its impact being felt like a more imminent physical threat, hence demanding our urgent attention. Modern stressful events aren’t normally deserving of our immediate attention, but evolution hasn’t quite removed that from our biology just yet. As such we resort to many odd coping strategies such as eating to avoid stressful emotions, due to our biology thinking it is actually an imminent physical threat.


Distributed Influence

Not everyone’s opinion is equal, but everyone’s life and survival is. We survive as a group, not alone.

Yet, there is no way we can’t be bias towards our own survival, at the expense of others.

We look at the extreme groups that have formed, they may call for things to detriment others, but its only because they fear a detriment of their survival capability.

When they are win-win scenarios for everyone.

The problem is when people with disproportionate power, use that power to influence towards their survival, at the expense of others.

One Problem

One of the major issues of today is wealth inequality.  As the wealth divide increases, the influence shifts and restoring some form of equality, will help rebalance this.

However, wealth and income are a much more complicated matter these days, and even I struggle to keep the mental energy on seeing if I am doing the best financially.

Knowing my income, different credit and loan interest rates, upcoming bills or payments, is tough when you need to calculate if I could put extra into the credit card this month, and save some interest.

Maybe I am going to get an overdrawn fee I can avoid, but I have to keep a track of this.

Maybe better products and services exist for your situation.

Corporate Impact

What happens if you don’t like the fact a business is supporting fossil fuel. Then you could switch providers or accounts to stop supporting companies that you don’t want to.

Doing this manually is so intensive, that many don’t even though they would like to.


Wealthier people have financial planners, but even this profession can’t keep up, with all the possibilities.

A program, that works just for you. Managing all of this. The use of AI to further enhance and improve your finances over time, adhering to your personal values and survival metrics.

It will lead to people focussed more on what they enjoy and can contribute, rather than finances to ensure they can survive.

It’s not designed to provide any of these services, only to determine the best services and places to put your support behind.

Why Now?

Besides from gnawing at me for years, I can no longer see technological impediments to this implementation. And data sources with common providers such as banks are starting to open up. Not to mention the current advances in public AI availability.


There are numerous issues to be faced, but none are technological, all are implementation.

  1. Should a propaganda bot or similar spread false information about a subject, it could skew people’s opinions to actively harm themselves.
    1. A possible solution for this is to base it on their own desires, such as, I want to breathe clean air.
    2. And leave it to a distributed consensus of verified experts to determine solutions to that problem.
  2. Misrepresented events and facts. Every time there is a terrorist attack or someone is shot, it makes the news and people feel scared.
    1. If instead you were just shown fact based stats. Such as terrorist attack occurred at this time locations, and details. Overall, terrorist attacks down over previous years.
  3. Stifling of new ideas
    1. New ideas can still be heard and implemented. Implementation is left to the experts.
  4. Isn’t this just a 1st World Problem?
    1. Mostly. But if wealth equality can occur, and we live in insane abundance, many people would be inclined to redirect their resources to raising others up. As many people already do today. But this effect would be amplified.

And much more. I’m not blind to the fact that implementation of this idea will be tough, and the scope is immensely vast.


The management of wealth is only the beginning piece in what can be accomplished. Using this to provide guidance on who to vote for, a possible solution for government officials to actually see what the population wants.

Emotional and physical health improvements could also be attained.

Its the AI, that will be dedicated to your survival, and everyone gets one. I can only imagine what that would accomplish in the world. A possible world of self governance, rather than relying on politicians to provide an interpretation of the populations views, with possible influence of corporate corruption.

The alternative is a select few, owning the most capable AIs, capable of permanently skewing power to the top elite.

Any Else Interested?

I have actually started this. Coding in .NET. I work on it I’m my spare time, but a single view point is unlikely to achieve the best solution. Hence, if anyone is available to offer notable contributions, in testing implementations or providing coding assistance, please let me know. @adpedley

Celebration Of Australia

January 26th, 1788

The arrival of the first British Fleet of ships to Port Jackson, NSW. The bravery and accomplishments of that fleet, helped build Australia as it stands today. But in the good they did, there was also bad.

Australia Day

Currently it is held on the 26th of January. That date was only established in 1994. Previously it was known as First Fleet Day.


If another country were to invade Australia, and we fought hard, but lost. And many of us died. Now the new invading party has control of land that used to be ours.

We must now integrate into their society.

And we must celebrate the day, they first, officially, invaded our country.

Would you be happy to do so?

Would your future generations, be happy to celebrate your demise?

Would you want to compliment the skill and accomplishment of people that took your country, and way of life?


The past is set, we can’t change it. There are certainly tragic events from the settlement of Australia. But we can decide to do better as a nation.

The very least that could be done, is to change the date. I don’t have a personal recommendation.

I will just be happy, if its a date that everyone can be comfortable with, and is inclusive to all. Then we can focus on continuing to build and improve the lives of all Australians.

We don’t need to take anything away from ourselves to help others. Australia Day is designed to be for all Australians, not the celebration of first fleets.

I don’t see what would be lost by changing the date, and there is something to be gained, by all.

It’s a small step, but one in the right direction.

The Survival Principle

Why people act they way they do, has always been a curiosity of mine. I’ve spent countless hours trying to discover the reasons. And while there have always been reasons, varied and complex, there always was an unknown element beneath this, that I struggled to find.

But recently, I discovered what this underlying reason is. And it is essentially in the definition of life itself. It is survival. Everything we do, is for our own survival. Life wouldn’t even exist, without survival being built into the very fabric of life.

And this can actually be broken down into two categories.

Physical survival is the obvious one. You make sure you have shelter, food and so forth. But this also expands to your genetic line, such as your children or family. Further to this, you want your species to survive. You will notice when someone’s needs are being met physically, they then look after more people. Once people close to them are also secure, they look towards how to help our species.

Values and beliefs is the less obvious one. Our values and beliefs actually make up what we believe is the best way for all of us to behave and act, so that you, and those close to you, have the best chance of survival. It relates to physical survival, but is another way for us to help ourselves.

While this looks similar to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I am looking at this, from a different perspective, that it is a basis, or foundation, for every decision anyone has every made or will make.

No action in this world is selfless. Everyone is selfish, focused on the survival of themselves. However, our survival is normally tied to working together, to survive ourselves and as a whole. Hence, helping others, is good for them, and good for us.

While various weights can be applied to which type of survival we are working towards, being either ourselves, or our genetic line, we are always working on a survival strategy, and every action we take, is based on this.