Understanding Overcorrection

I understand that as a CIS gendered (meaning I associate with the same sex as my birth sex), straight, white, male, in a 1st world country, I hit the genetic jackpot in terms of how most of the world will welcome me.

But as someone who has done no wrong in oppressing people, or restricting opportunities to minorities, why are they getting additional assistance from the government or businesses?

What is with these quotas that must be met? That just makes it harder for me, and they are getting in based on being a minority, not merit. That’s one less place that I could potentially get.

I believe in a good merit based system. If you do the work, you get the rewards. So why aren’t they trying to get the best people for the role?

While I can talk about advantages of diversity in a different post, this one is based on over correction due to societal disadvantage.


Based off a recent Twitter discussion, (sorry I can’t find it again to give credit), someone gave a perspective I was sorely lacking.

You have a school on the North side, and people from both the North and South go to this school.

  • Students from the North can reach school in about 15 mins
  • Students from the South take 1hr to reach school
  • You get punished if you are late to school
  • You get extra credit if you are early

To someone on the North side, if someone is late, they are either just lazy or had a personal emergency to deal with.

To someone on the South side, they could have been stuck in traffic, have to wake up 45 minutes earlier and have more expenses to travel to school. In addition, they get home at least 45 minutes later, and have less time to socialize, do homework or household chores.


You can see from this scenario, the South side students must work harder and spend more of their time and money just to meet what the North side students are accomplishing with minimal effort.

North side students have the opportunity to push even harder and further and take the lead, purely due to their proximity.

This is a simple look at a complex situation, where minorities have many disadvantages, due to previous government policy or societal pressure.

Policies to enable slots or additional help to minorities isn’t fair at face value. But if you see it is over correcting and compensating for an issue you didn’t have to deal with, to me, this finally made sense, and gained my full support.

In the future, these policies will be removed as a correction takes place. This could mean building a school on the South side in my example. But at present, there is a large disparity that needs correcting in numerous areas of society.

Next time you come into these scenarios, remember they are balancing the game, not skewing it against you.