Distributed Influence

Not everyone’s opinion is equal, but everyone’s life and survival is. We survive as a group, not alone.

Yet, there is no way we can’t be bias towards our own survival, at the expense of others.

We look at the extreme groups that have formed, they may call for things to detriment others, but its only because they fear a detriment of their survival capability.

When they are win-win scenarios for everyone.

The problem is when people with disproportionate power, use that power to influence towards their survival, at the expense of others.

One Problem

One of the major issues of today is wealth inequality.  As the wealth divide increases, the influence shifts and restoring some form of equality, will help rebalance this.

However, wealth and income are a much more complicated matter these days, and even I struggle to keep the mental energy on seeing if I am doing the best financially.

Knowing my income, different credit and loan interest rates, upcoming bills or payments, is tough when you need to calculate if I could put extra into the credit card this month, and save some interest.

Maybe I am going to get an overdrawn fee I can avoid, but I have to keep a track of this.

Maybe better products and services exist for your situation.

Corporate Impact

What happens if you don’t like the fact a business is supporting fossil fuel. Then you could switch providers or accounts to stop supporting companies that you don’t want to.

Doing this manually is so intensive, that many don’t even though they would like to.


Wealthier people have financial planners, but even this profession can’t keep up, with all the possibilities.

A program, that works just for you. Managing all of this. The use of AI to further enhance and improve your finances over time, adhering to your personal values and survival metrics.

It will lead to people focussed more on what they enjoy and can contribute, rather than finances to ensure they can survive.

It’s not designed to provide any of these services, only to determine the best services and places to put your support behind.

Why Now?

Besides from gnawing at me for years, I can no longer see technological impediments to this implementation. And data sources with common providers such as banks are starting to open up. Not to mention the current advances in public AI availability.


There are numerous issues to be faced, but none are technological, all are implementation.

  1. Should a propaganda bot or similar spread false information about a subject, it could skew people’s opinions to actively harm themselves.
    1. A possible solution for this is to base it on their own desires, such as, I want to breathe clean air.
    2. And leave it to a distributed consensus of verified experts to determine solutions to that problem.
  2. Misrepresented events and facts. Every time there is a terrorist attack or someone is shot, it makes the news and people feel scared.
    1. If instead you were just shown fact based stats. Such as terrorist attack occurred at this time locations, and details. Overall, terrorist attacks down over previous years.
  3. Stifling of new ideas
    1. New ideas can still be heard and implemented. Implementation is left to the experts.
  4. Isn’t this just a 1st World Problem?
    1. Mostly. But if wealth equality can occur, and we live in insane abundance, many people would be inclined to redirect their resources to raising others up. As many people already do today. But this effect would be amplified.

And much more. I’m not blind to the fact that implementation of this idea will be tough, and the scope is immensely vast.


The management of wealth is only the beginning piece in what can be accomplished. Using this to provide guidance on who to vote for, a possible solution for government officials to actually see what the population wants.

Emotional and physical health improvements could also be attained.

Its the AI, that will be dedicated to your survival, and everyone gets one. I can only imagine what that would accomplish in the world. A possible world of self governance, rather than relying on politicians to provide an interpretation of the populations views, with possible influence of corporate corruption.

The alternative is a select few, owning the most capable AIs, capable of permanently skewing power to the top elite.

Any Else Interested?

I have actually started this. Coding in .NET. I work on it I’m my spare time, but a single view point is unlikely to achieve the best solution. Hence, if anyone is available to offer notable contributions, in testing implementations or providing coding assistance, please let me know. @adpedley